Better Place Australia

  1. About this service

    Who we are

    Better Place Australia is a non-profit, inclusive organisation providing affordable services for individuals, couples & families facing parenting, relationship, mental health or financial issues.

    We have been helping people take back control of their lives for the past 30 years

    We provide support services to over 8000 clients across 21 locations throughout Victoria.

    Our Services

    Family Dispute Resolution Professional support for families who need help resolving disputes about children or financial matters. The law requires separating families who have a dispute about children to make a genuine efort to try to sort it out through family dispute resolution (FDR) before filing an application for parenting orders in Court. It is a practical, less stressful and inexpensive way for separating families to sort out these arrangements.  In Wyndham we are co-located with IPC Health at the Wyndham Hub. 

    Financial Counselling and Capability Practical strategies, support and vital information for people who need help managing their finances, want to learn about managing their money or are struggling with debt.



    Guided negotiation between people in conflict. For example, between teens and parents about behavioural or communication issues, or between siblings about ongoing care & financial arrangements for elderly parents.


    Child & Youth Counselling

    Assistance and guidance from a compassionate and skilled practitioner who understands how children communicate, the difficulties children face and how best to resolve them.

      • Service name

        Better Place Australia

      • Service address

        IPC Health Wyndham Vale Super Clinic 510 Ballan Road Wyndham Vale VIC 3024
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      • Phone

        9355 4700 / Consumer Support Service 1800 639 523

      • Urgency levels

        Looking for Support

      • Service area

        Western Area

      • Service hours

        Mon – Thurs. Late Thurs

      • Additional age criteria

        Mediation: Any Age Child and Youth Counselling: 5 - 18 years

      • Interpreters

        Free interpreter service

      • Service type


      • Public transport information

        Located walking distance to Wyndham Vale Railway station bus stop (Ballan Road)

      • Service for

        For individuals, couples & families facing parenting, relationship, mental health or financial issues

      • Disability access

        There is a lift inside the building

      • Drop in service


      • Outreach


      • Outpost

        Broadmeadows, Caroline Springs and Melton

    More information for teachers, wellbeing staff and service professionals

      • Participation length

        Family Dispute Resolution Individual Assessment appointment and 2-3 (avg) mediation sessions Counselling Children and Teens: 6-8 sessions

      • Participation type


      • Staff profile

        Qualified Family Dispute Resolution practitioners Qualified Counsellor specialising in children, youth

      • Funding limit?

        Our fees are competitive and we have the capacity to reduce the fees for families experiencing financial hardship. The cost is partially funded by the government. The balance is covered by minimal fees dependant on your personal circumstance.

      • Who can refer


      • Referral mode

        Call our Consumer Support Service on 1800 639 523

      • Point of intake

        Consumer Support Service

      • Emergency referral and intake process

        Consumer Support Service

      • E-Referral option

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