Preschool Field Officer Service

About this service

The PSFO is designed to provide support and professional services.  It aims to build the capacity of early childhood educators, to build their confidence, knowledge and skills to provide an inclusive program that is responsive to the needs of all children.  The PSFO service in Wyndham is available to educators requesting inclusion support for children in their care who are:

* attending a state funded kindergarten program, or
* 3 years of age by 30 April this year and attending an early childhood program in Wyndham such as a long day care service, cluster managed kindergartens, community-based kindergartens, childcare centres, playgroups, 3 year old kindergarten or family day care.

NB - Please note that children who are receiving Early Intervention services cannot simultaneously access the PSFO Service.

    • Service name

      Preschool Field Officer Service

    • Service address

      45 Princes Highway Werribee
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    • Phone

      9742 8199

    • Urgency levels

      Looking for Support, Looking for Information

    • Service area

      Wyndham Municipality

    • Service hours

      8.00 - 5.00pm, Monday - Friday

    • Age group

      3 - 6 years

    • Service type


    • Costs

      No Charge

    • Service for

      For children attending or transitioning to a state funded kindergarten program within the City of Wyndham or are 3 years old and attending an early childhood centre.

More information for teachers, wellbeing staff and service professionals

    • Participation length

      The service provides one unit of care up to 11 hours for eligible children.

    • Staff profile

      Preschool Field Officers (PSFOs) - x4 PSFOs are available on a part time basis over the week from Monday - Friday

    • Specific exclusions

      Children receiving Early Intervention services, cannot simultaneously access the PSFO Service

    • Who can refer

      * Early Childhood educators with parent consent * Health Care Professionals with parent consent * Parents (although it is recommended if possibe that a conversation is had with the child's educator prior to submission as the PSFO will need to contact the education) NB - All sections of the referral form must be completed and signed off by the child's parents.

    • Referral mode

      Referral forms are available on the Wyndham City Council website (search for Preschool Field Officer), or by contacting the PSFO Service directly. The signed referral form can be emailed to or mailed to: Wyndham City Preschool Field Officer Service 45 Princes Highway (PO Box 197) WERRIBEE Vic 3030

    • E-Referral option

      Referral form can be downloaded from our page on the Wyndham City Council website via the link below