Young Families in Home Respite Program

About this service

The Young Families In Home Respite program works with the family in identifying their respite needs. The aim of this service is to provide carers with a break from their caring role. In supporting the young person with a disability care staff demonstrating an interest, experience and commitment to work with children and young people with disabilities are selected and introduced to the family.

In home respite care is for the care of the child or young adult with a disability (and up to 4 siblings) while the carer goes out or stays at home. The service can also provide for the care of up to 5 siblings while the parent takes the child or young person with a disability to an appointment. *Please note that care is not for the children of friends/relatives etc.

    • Service name

      Young Families in Home Respite Program

    • Service address

      45 Princes Highway Werribee
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    • Phone

      8734 4514

    • Urgency levels

      Looking for Support, Looking for Information

    • Service area

      Wyndham Municipality

    • Service hours

      Regular Service Hours Sunday to Thursday 8am – 11pm Friday & Saturday 8am – 1am

    • Service type


More information for teachers, wellbeing staff and service professionals

    • Specific exclusions

      Weekend respite is capped at a maximum of 42 hours per household per financial year. When the 42 hours has been used respite service support continues but it must be during the week. Weekend hours are considered to be from 7pm Friday until 11pm Sunday.

    • Point of intake

      People wishing to use the service are visited by an assessment officer to discuss eligibility and service needs. During the assessment visit the Assessment Team member will; ◦Assess your individual situation, ◦Outline the Service options with you ◦Identify with you the monthly allocation of respite hours available to your child ◦Create the “Care Plan” ◦Discuss arrangements for you and your child to meet with and select a direct care worker/s ◦Calculate Fees ◦Identify the anticipated service commencement date After the Assessment Team member’s visit you will be contacted by a Team Leader to arrange an introduction where you and your child/ren will meet with the allocated direct care worker/s.