IPC Health Occupational Therapy (OT) for children

About this service

Our paediatric occupational therapists work with families to help children join in daily activities such as:

Self care – things they need to do to look after themselves:
• dressing and washing
• using spoons, knives and forks
• going to the toilet

Productivity – things they have to do at home, childcare and kinder:
• riding a bike
• drawing, writing, colouring, cutting, painting, threading and craft
• sitting on chairs and mat • paying attention and concentration

Play – activities they want to do:
• using the playground swing, slide, ball games
• group games
• using different types of toys

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      IPC Health Occupational Therapy (OT) for children

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      By appointment only - contact service directly

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      Maximum age 6 years

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      To access this service, your child must be aged 0-6 years and living or going to childcare/kindergarten in Wyndham.

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      Yes but requires booking in advance

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      Contact service directly -

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