IPC Health Audiology Services

About this service

Our audiologists provide hearing tests for children aged over a year as well as adults of all ages. We can help with:
• hearing difficulties
• family history of hearing loss
• ringing sounds in the ear
• ear infections
• dizziness or feeling of spinning
• speech or language delay
• learning difficulties at school
• measuring your hearing level
• checking for fluid behind the ear drum
• giving a report of your tests
• providing ear plugs for hearing protection and swimming
• information about hearing aid options and rehabilitation programs
• assistive alternative devices
• referrals to other services

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      IPC Health Audiology Services

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      9219 7142

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      Looking for Support, Looking for Information

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      By appointment only - contact service directly

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      Minimum age 1 years

    • Interpreters

      Yes but requires booking in advance

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      Contact service directly

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More information for teachers, wellbeing staff and service professionals

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      Qualified Staff

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