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Immunisation is available either through Wyndham City Council's Immunisation program or through your local G.P. For information regarding Wyndham City's immunisation program, including, dates and times please contact the number listedor by visiting Council's website.

Victorian legislation requires that children have an immunisation certificate (statement) before entering school and kindergarten. Once your child has received their 4-year-old immunisations and are 'fully immunised' you will receive a statement in the post from the Australian Childhood Register (AIR), which is for school enrolment. This can also be obtained from your MyGov app.

If for some reason your child's immunisation records are incomplete, missing, or your child has never been vaccinated, contact Wyndham's Immunisation Service and we will assist you in obtaining a school entry immunisation certificate. For new parents, you will receive a 'New Baby Immunisation Pack' from your Maternal & Child Health Nurse. Information in the pack will assist any parent with queries they have regarding immunisation for their child.

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