Engaging Wyndham Families

About this service

The Engaging Wyndham Families workers are able to provide short term case manage with parents/ caregivers to support the best interests of their children and family concerns who reside in the Wyndham Municipality. An example of this may be

  • early school disengagement
  • family needs
  • cultural support
  • linkages to community supports and services
  • advocacy and liaison with further services in the community
The Engaging Wyndham Families program are available for referrals, these can be made to each of the alliance members through their programs. Clients need to be aware of the referral and provide consent for a referral to be assessed. If families are currently involved with Child Protection, referrals cannot be accepted. Please feel free to contact one of our alliance members to discuss your potential referral and to establish eligibility to our program.

Additional program information, refer to link for brochures of our programs and referral document 

    • Service name

      Engaging Wyndham Families

    • Phone


    • Urgency levels

      Looking for Information, Looking for Support

    • Email

      Caroline Chisholm awalles@caroline.org.au
      Catholic Care ewf@ccam.org.au
      IPC ewf@ipchealth.org.au

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    • Service hours

      Monday to Friday 9.00 am – 5.00 pm

    • Age group

      Maximum age 17 years

    • Eligibility criteria

      Engaging Wyndham Families will only accept referrals through our referral form and discussion with worker regarding appropriateness of the referral

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    • Costs

      No Cost

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    • Outreach


More information for teachers, wellbeing staff and service professionals

    • Participation length

      Short term intervention with a Family Action plan

    • Participation type


    • Staff profile

      Qualified Staff

    • Who can refer

      Engaging Wyndham Families will accept professional and self referrals

    • Referral mode


    • Point of intake

      Referrals to be discussed with workers and referral forms to be sent directly to Engaging Wyndham Families emails or to Child First Intake