Triple P Positive Parenting Program

About this service

As a parent of a young child you may wish to prepare yourself with skills to manage difficult behaviours that may arise with your child in the future. Or maybe you are already experiencing a number of difficult behaviours of your son or daughter. The Positive Parenting Program can help parents to develop strategies to deal with these situations. The program aims to teach parents strategies such as: ¥ Praise, ¥ positive attention and ¥ engaging activities to encourage positive behaviours in children. As well as strategies such as: ¥ Planned ignoring, ¥ quiet time / time out and ¥ ground rules to manage difficult behaviours displayed by children. Courses will occur throughout the year so please ring to register.

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      Triple P Positive Parenting Program

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      Caroline Dreaver, Psychologist, 0403 618 121

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    • Costs

      $125 for the whole program includes a parent workbook and refreshments. Medicare rebate available for families with a Mental Health Care Plan (GP referral needed).