Werribee Campus Children's Centre

About this service

Long day care

    • Service name

      Werribee Campus Children's Centre

    • Service address

      Building 9 Gate 2 Hoppers Lane
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    • Phone

      9919 8098

    • Urgency levels

      Looking for Support, Looking for Information

    • Service area


    • Service hours

      7.15am to 6.15pm

    • Age group

      Maximum age 6 years

    • Additional age criteria

      Min age 3 months

    • Service type


    • Costs

      Depends on Child Care Benefit Eligibility

    • Service for

      Early Childhood Education

    • Disability access


More information for teachers, wellbeing staff and service professionals

    • Who can refer


    • Referral mode

      Phone, email or drop in