Dr Anita D'Aprano - Pediatrician

About this service

Free clinic for Aborigal and torres Strait Islander Children Family appointments available for: - General health and wellbeing - Learning difficulties - Social and emaotional wellbeing - Developmental concerns

    • Service name

      Dr Anita D'Aprano - Pediatrician

    • Service address

      Braybrook Community Centre 107 - 139 Churchill Ave, Braybrook
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    • Phone

      9334 6699

    • Urgency levels

      Help, Looking for Support, Looking for Information

    • Service hours

      Fortnightly on Fridays (from 20 June 2015)

    • Service type


More information for teachers, wellbeing staff and service professionals

    • Specific exclusions

      For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander chiildren

    • Who can refer

      Referral from GP required