1. Children's Health & Wellbeing

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    • Dr Kevin Dunne Paediatrician


      Contact: 9742 7988

      Provided by: Medical Centre 291

      Referral by: Doctor

    • Dr Paul Brooks Melbourne Paediatric Cardiology Consultant Paediatrician

      Consultant Paediatrician

      Contact: 9908 2998

      Provided by: Dr Paul Brooks Melbourne Paediatric...

    • Dr Rachel Madhwan Wyndham Kids Consultant Paediatrician

      Dr Madhwan is a Paediatrican with over 10 years of paediatric experience specialising in newborn...

      Contact: 9908 2998

      Provided by: Dr Rachel Madhwan Wyndham Kids...

    • Dr Raj Khillan General Paediatrics

      Dr Raj Khillan is a Consultant Pediatrician with a special interest in Neonatology Tongue Tie...

      Contact: 9741 9300

      Provided by: Dr Raj Khillan General Paediatrics

    • Dr Victoria Greenwood Wyndham Private Consultant Paediatrician

      Dr Victoria Greenwood is a General Paediatrician who trained in both Melbourne and Darwin. She...

      Contact: 9908 2998

      Provided by: Dr Victoria Greenwood Wyndham...

    • Dr. Nigel Crawford, Dr. Kevin Dunne, Dr. Shobha Iyer Dr. James McLellan


      Contact: 9741 9191

      Provided by: Dr. Nigel Crawford, Dr. Kevin...

    • Western Children's Health Centre

      General Paediatric concerns Behavioural Paediatrics Growth and Weight Issues Feeding Difficulties...

      Contact: (03) 9931 0014

      Referral by: GP Referral Required

    • Children's Health & Wellbeing

    • AFFORD

      Afford delivers high standard services with passion, empathy and professionalism since 1951. All...

      Contact: 1300989487

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Bounce OT for Kids

      Occupational Therapy assessment and intervention for children aged 0-16 years with a range of...

      Contact: 0409920065

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Children and Parenting Support (CaPSS)

      Children and Parenting Support Service ( CaPSS) operates across SA2 areas in...

      Contact: 0447 780 519

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Children's Counselling Service

      Provides counselling and therapeutic groups for children in the western metropolitan region who...

      Contact: (03) 9689 9588

      Provided by: Women's Health West

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Children’s Speech and OT

      We are a passionate genuine multi-disciplinary team who work in a wholistic family centred way....

      Contact: 0474002044

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Encompass Community Services

      Encompass Community Services is a not-for-profit organisation committed to promoting equality and...

      Contact: 1800 943 055

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Engaging Wyndham Families

      The Engaging Wyndham Families workers are able to provide short term case manage with parents/...

      Contact: 0407966151

      Referral by: Engaging Wyndham Families will accept professional...

    • Hilke Legenhausen

      Provides an individual and family mentoring program, that supports young people on the Autism...

      Contact: 0432 469 695

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Integrated OT

      Integrated OT is a consulting and therapy service that is focused on providing timely and...

      Contact: 0432 866 576 / 0432 866 576

      Referral by: Anyone

    • IPC Health Audiology Services

      Our audiologists provide hearing tests for children aged over a year as well as adults of all...

      Contact: 9219 7142

      Provided by: IPC Health

      Referral by: Anyone

    • IPC Health Occupational Therapy (OT) for children

      Our paediatric occupational therapists work with families to help children join in daily...

      Email: ipchealth@ipchealth.com.au

      Provided by: IPC Health

      Referral by: Anyone

    • IPC Health Paediatrician Services

      Our General and Developmental Paediatric Clinic supports children and young people up to 18 year...

      Email: ipchealth@ipchealth.com.au

      Provided by: IPC Health

      Referral by: Other

    • Kids At Max

      Kids At Max is a Melbourne-based child clinic offering psychology, speech pathology, occupational...

      Contact: 97024447

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Mable

      Mable helps you connect with care and support workers in your community and choose the people who...

      Contact: 1300736573

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Mainview Boulevard Family Learning Centre

      The Mainview Blvd Family Learning Centre provides a warm welcoming space to all families. We...

      Contact: 1300 224 644

    • Namaste Yogis

      Namaste Yogis specialises in teaching yoga to children from preschool to high school age to help...

      Email: info@namasteyogis.com.au

      Referral by: Anyone

    • ONCALL Group Australia

      ONCALL is a DHHS and NDIS registered leading provider of support staff and specialist services...

      Contact: 9896 2468

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Physiotherapy service for paediatrics/children

      We are now offering Treatment for Paediatrics/children. Physiotherapy for paediatrics offers a...

      Contact: 03 83605100

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Point Cook Therapy Centre

      We are a family orientated service based in the Western suburbs of Melbourne for over ten years....

      Contact: 83539910

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Ready to Hear

      Ready to Hear is a Wyndham based independent audiology clinic specialising in paediatric and...

      Contact: 9908 2998

      Provided by: Wyndham Private Specialist Centre

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Speech Ease Speech Pathology

      Since 2015, Speech Ease Speech Pathology have made it our priority to deliver the best service to...

      Contact: 03 8645 3747

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Trinity Plan Management

      We are located in the Wyndham area working with clients in the western suburbs, greater Melbourne...

      Contact: 03 9016 0097
      0419 564 823

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Unity Therapeutic Play Groups

      Unity Therapeutic Play Groups have been designed for Parents/Carers & their Child. Knowing...

      Contact: 0449800133

      Referral by: Anyone -


      We are a Bulk billing clinic for those that have a medicare cards We have:...

      Contact: 03 9002 4100

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Western Special Needs Dentistry

      Western Special Needs Dentistry is a spacious, modern and fully-equipped dental clinic in Newport...

      Contact: 1300 818 179 / 1300 818 179

    • Wyndham Twins Plus Inc.

      Wyndham Twins Plus is a volunteer run, not-for-profit community association that provides members...

      Email: membership@wyndhamtwinsplus.org.au

      Provided by: Wyndham Twins Plus Inc.

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Immunisation

    • Australian Childhood Immunisation Register

      The Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) is a national register that records all vaccines...

      Contact: 1800 653 809

      Provided by: Australian Childhood Immunisation...

    • Wyndham City Council Immunisation

      Immunisation is available either through Wyndham City Council's Immunisation program or through...

      Contact: 9742 0736

      Provided by: Wyndham City Council Immunisation

    • Medical Centres and Hospitals

    • After Hours Home Visiting Doctors

      Home visiting doctors

      Contact: 13 74 25

      Provided by: National Home Doctor Service

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Boardwalk Health Medical and Skin Centre

      General Practice

      Contact: 9395 9402

      Provided by: Boardwalk Health Medical and Skin...

      Referral by: For GP only need to make an appointment, for the...

    • Hampstead Drive Medical Centre

      General Practice and Sexual Health Nurse

      Contact: 9748 8266

      Provided by: Hampstead Drive Medical Centre

    • Healthdirect Australia

      24/7 health advice line staffed by registered nurses to provide expert health advice

      Contact: 1800 022 222

      Provided by: Healthdirect Australia

    • Hoppers Lane General Practice

      Bulk Billing Medical Centre

      Contact: 8731 6500

      Provided by: Wyndham Private Medical Centre

    • Medical Centre 291

      General Practice

      Contact: 9742 7988

      Provided by: Medical Centre 291

      Referral by: No referral required

    • My Clinic Tarneit

      General Practice

      Contact: 8742 2088

      Provided by: My Clinic Tarneit

      Referral by: No referral required

    • Nurse-on-call

      24 hours a day, 7 days a week general health advice and information

      Contact: 1300 60 60 24

      Provided by: Nurse-on-call

    • Tarneit Family Medical & Dental Centre

      Medical consultations

      Contact: 8742 4676

      Provided by: Tarneit Family Medical & Dental Centre

    • Wyndham Health Care

      General Practice

      Contact: 9749 2766

      Provided by: Wyndham Health Care

    • Mental Health Services

    • 275 Consulting

      275 Consulting provides expert care and counselling for persons within the local community who...

      Contact: 03 9731 1656

      Provided by: 275 Consulting

    • Child and Family Mental Health

      Helping families better negotiate the transitions and challenges of family life that can impact...

      Contact: 9663 6733

      Provided by: Drummond Street Services Child and...

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Joanne Garfi

      Provides psychological services to children, adolescents and adults. Special interest in Anxiety,...

      Contact: 0399082998

      Referral by: GP Referral Required

    • Psychology on Parade

      Provides child, adolescent, adult, couples and family counselling

      Contact: 9397 0977

      Referral by: Anyone