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Networks and Partnerships

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Child & Family Services Alliance – Strategic Group

Focus – 0-12 years old children and their families - vision is to work together to enable all children to reach their potential. With a focus on children experiencing vulnerability.
Targeted audience – Managers
Meets- Bi-monthly

City Council
9742 0762

Wyndham Children's Service Providers

Focus - Access & Participation to early childhood services for children experiencing vulnerability. Referral pathways and service systems. Capacity building and sharing knowledge for service providers
Targeted audience – practitioners working with families who have young children in Wyndham
Meets - Bi-monthly

City Council - Development and Partnership Lead



Years Working Group

Focus – Access to information, supports and services for 8-12 year old children and their families. 
Targeted audience –
Services working with 8-12-year-old children
Meets – Bi-monthly

City Council


9742 0762


Aboriginal Services Network of the West (ASNoW)

Early Years 


The Network aims to provide a platform for:

  • Community service agencies, who work with families with young children,  to work, plan and coordinate culturally safe programs and services according to local Aboriginal community priorities.

  • Collaborative partnerships with the Aboriginal workforce to improve outcomes for Aboriginal community.


City Council -
Best Start Project Officer


 9742 0762


Wyndham Humanitarian Network (WHN)

The Wyndham Community and Education Centre Inc., auspices the Wyndham Humanitarian Network (WHN), a grouping of over forty Federal, State, Local Government, community service providers and community leaders. This network was established in 2006 to provide an integrated settlement service to newly arrived migrants and refugees to Wyndham.Working groups include:

  • Education

  • Employment and Training

  • Events

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • Legal, Housing and Consumer Issue

  • Youth

Wyndham Community & Education Centre


9742 4013