I need help to look after my child’s needs

I need help to look after my child’s needs  - Respite Care


What do they do


Wyndham City Respite

In home respite care is for the care of the child or young adult with a disability (and up to four siblings) while the carer goes out or stays at home. The service can also provide for the care of up to five siblings while the parent takes the child or young person with a disability to an appointment.

For more information contact Wyndham City Council - 9742 0777



NDIS - National Disability Insurance Scheme



Children with chronic conditions, such as developmental delays that need ongoing care from allied health professionals (or therapists) are eligible for Medicare rebates under the Chronic Disease Management Plan.  

A rebate of $52.95 is available per session for a maximum of 5 allied health therapy sessions per calendar year. This is reviewed in February and November each year.  

Allied health professionals include: occupational therapists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists, psychologists, dieticians, audiologists, chiropractors etc.  

The 5 sessions can be used for a single type of therapy or split across different therapies.


In addition to the above, a Mental Health Plan for 10 allied mental health services (per calendar year) is available under the Better Access Initiative.

Medicare rebates are available and will vary depending on the length and type of service.

HOW DO I GET THIS? You need to visit your GP and ask the Doctor to complete a Chronic Disease Management Plan/Mental Health Plan for the required therapy/needs of your child. You may need to book an extended consultation.  

Ensure your GP is aware that your child has ongoing difficulties in whichever area(s) you are seeking help, otherwise they may not think your child is eligible.

Your GP will then complete the required paperwork, which includes the referral to the required allied health professional. You can request a particular allied health professional if you have found one you want to use.

WHAT HAPPENS THEN? Contact the allied health professional/therapist to make an appointment and say you will be using a Chronic Disease Management Plan/Mental Health Plan.  

When you go for your first appointment with the therapist, take the referral form from the GP with you.  

When you pay for the service you must receive a receipt which includes the therapist’s name and provider number as well as the details of the referring GP.  

You can then submit this to Medicare to receive the rebate.