My child’s language and speech

I am worried about my child’s language and speech


What do they do


Maternal & Child   Health Nurse (M&CH)

Maternal and Child Health Services offer professional nursing support and advice for parents of children from birth to school age.

Services include consultation and support with parenting issues; regular health and     development checks for children at 10 key ages; groups for first time parents; health screening; information about community and family support services; and referrals to other professionals as required.

You can book your appointment by completing an online registration form

Or by contacting the Wyndham City Maternal and Child Health Unit on
9742 8148.

Maternal and Child Health Line – phone 13 22 29


Who is a paediatrician?

A paediatrician is a doctor who specialises in children’s health and development.

When do you refer to a paediatrician?

A referral to a paediatrician would be made to gain support for any child showing developmental delays or concerns.

Paediatrician support must be gained prior to a referral for an Autism Spectrum Disorder assessment.

Who can refer to a paediatrician?

To see a paediatrician a referral must be gained from the family doctor (GP).

Once a referral is made by the family doctor, the parent is required to make contact with the paediatrician’s office to make an appointment. 

Paediatricians within Wyndham

Family Doctor (GP)


Centres and Hospitals within Wyndham

Preschool Field Officer Service





Speech Pathologist

Speech therapists

A speech therapist sees children who experience difficulties with talking or understanding   language, including the social use of language as needed in conversing with others, asking for help etc. Advice is available to families in regards to encouraging language development at home. Speech therapists also work with children who have problems eating or drinking.

How do I refer to a speech therapist?

You can contact a speech therapist service directly to make an appointment.

For those with multiple concerns go to your GP and get a Chronic Disease Management Plan – this enables Medicare rebate for up to 5 visits.

Refer to the Speech
Pathology Australia
website to search for a Speech Pathologist within your